IKATIQUE: Where Ancient Tradition Meets Modern Fashion

Our name IKATIQUE embodies our essence, drawn from the word "ikat," meaning "to bind." This reflects the unique dyeing technique used to create this exquisite handmade fabrics from Uzbekistan.

At IKATIQUE, we transform these vibrant textiles into unique kimonos. We stand against the fleeting trends of fast fashion, offering timeless pieces and sustainable option.

Authenticity in a Global World

We source our fabrics from Uzbekistan, where the age-old techniques of hand-producing ikat remain alive. Each thread of cotton or silk is lovingly twisted and woven by hand, then dyed with the brilliance of natural pigments.

The Secret Behind Our Fabrics

What is ikat?

Our kimonos feature exquisite natural silk, sourced meticulously from silk cacoons, capturing the essence of nature's delicate craftsmanship.

The processed silk threads are pulled into a special frame on which the threads will be tied before dyeing.

Now it is time to add colours!

Artisians guide the magic and create a unique pattern. It makes each kimono a one-of-a-kind piece.

Dyeing process

Artisians wrap with transparent adhesive tape those areas that need to be covered. Tape protects areas from the dye, creating the pattern. Each dip in the dye bath reveals a little more of the final design. It takes time, but the vibrant colours are worth the wait!

Final touch

The threads are then stretched onto a loom under the supervision of a craftsman. Even today we use only hand looms.

Finally, our ikat is ready and we can create an amazing kimono for you!